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Fic: Run From It Or Learn From It (Spence/Ashley, Rachel/Quinn) Part 2

Title: Run From It Or Learn From It
Author: maria1229
Fandom: South of Nowhere/Glee
Pairing: Spencer/Ashley, Rachel/Quinn side Brittany/Santana, Glen/Kyla
Category: Crossover, Femmeslash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: Part 2: 2,227
Summary: Awkward reunions lead to awkward situations.
Notes: After months of saying I'll write a Spencer/Ashley and Rachel/Quinn crossover, I finally sat down and did it. Will be very short.
Disclaimer: South of Nowhere is a property of The-N and Viacom. I'm not a crack monkey therefore I do not work for the writers of South of Nowhere. I just borrow their characters for my own pleasure. Glee is a property of Ryan Murphy and Co. I own none of the characters you recognize.

Part Two

There wasn’t a lot of time to react and before Spencer knew it, she was off her seat in the booth and was pulled into a tight hug from Brittany. Spencer couldn’t help the smile that was growing on her face as her old friend lifted her feet off the ground.

When Brittany finally put her down, she smiled even wider. “Nice to see you too, Brittany.”

Brittany smiled back. “Santana said you moved to L.A.,” she said with a slight frown.

“I did,” Spencer said with a chuckle. God, she missed Brittany. “I’m only back for my cousin’s wedding.” She looked pass Brittany to Santana who despite her best efforts of trying to remain her usual apathetic self, had a slight smile on her face. To Quinn who had now averted her gaze to the floor and then to…Rachel Berry?

When did that happen? Apparently she wasn’t the only one who changed in the past two years.

“God, Carlin,” Santana remarked looking her up and down. “What they do to you over there? You look like a fricking Barbie doll.”

“Santana,” Rachel chastised. “She does not look like, as you put it, ‘a fricking Barbie doll.’ Obviously the Los Angeles sun has done wonders for her overall already beautiful look. Spencer has a nice glow about her.” Rachel gave Spencer a blinding smile ignoring Santana’s eye roll. “How are you, Spencer? How has L.A. life been treating you? Have you seen any Hollywood stars yet? Or agents?”

Spencer was at lost for words. Although she never really hung out with Rachel when she attended McKinley, it was hard to ignore the girl who’s singing voice could bring down the entire Kodak theater. Not to mention Rachel was notorious for her long winded speeches and her general presence was impossible to miss.

“It’s good.” Finally, curiosity got the best of her as she looked at all four girls again. Quinn still hasn’t said anything and was now looking at the door like she was going to run for it any second. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that the four of you hung out.” She hoped that didn’t sound mean or rude.

“We don’t,” Santana said. “Berry just latched on to us like the little leech that she is and just won’t let go.”

Rachel opened her mouth to speak but Brittany beat her to it. “We’re all in glee club together,” she said with a huge smile and then gave Santana a stern look. Well, stern for Brittany because Santana just shrugged but didn’t say anything else.

If someone other than Brittany would’ve told Spencer that, she would’ve laughed her ass off. “You’re all in glee club?” she said with disbelief.

Before anyone could say any more, a slight cough was heard and everyone turned their heads towards the booth.

Ashley gave them all a tight smile. While Spencer was reconnecting with her friends, she had time to judge these “mean cheerleaders” that her girlfriend told her about. The tall blonde one that gave Spencer a bear hug didn’t seem like she could hurt a fly. In fact, she actually reminded Ashley of that kitten she wanted to get Spencer as a graduation gift.

The one next to her looked like she could cut a bitch if you breathed the wrong way. She reminded Ashley of Madison except a million times hotter and a whole lot bitchier. Although she did seem to soften whenever the kitten looked at her.

The other blonde cheerleader just looked completely uncomfortable. Ashley could’ve sworn she was staring at her for a while before looking away. Now she was just fidgeting and looking around like she wanted nothing more than to leave. She got bad feelings about that one.

And there was the little one. She obviously wasn’t a cheerleader. In fact, she looked like she belonged in middle school and not in high school with the cool kids. But she was pretty cute in her own little way. Her face was very expressive and her eyes were wide and eager. Ashley couldn’t help but check her out a little. The girl was wearing an insanely short skirt. If Paula had issues with her own attire, this girl would definitely get crucified. How can someone so small have such long legs?

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” Spencer said hitting herself on the head. She smiled at Ashley. “Brittany, Santana, Quinn, Rachel,” she turned to Ashley. “This is Ashley, my girlfriend.”

Quinn finally turned her attention to Spencer at the word “girlfriend.” The second Brittany pointed Spencer out in the restaurant, Quinn wanted to run. Never in her life did she think she was going to run into Spencer Carlin again. Her mind flashed back to the last time she saw Spencer and she was not ready to revisit that. But here she was, fresh from her new life in Los Angeles and had a girlfriend? The difference two years make.

“You have a girlfriend?” Quinn said before she could stop herself. She also couldn’t help the bitchy tone that went with it.

Everyone turned their attention to Quinn but she ignored the confused looks from Santana and Brittany and the slightly hurt and curious look from Rachel. Her focus was on Spencer and Spencer’s girlfriend who was now glaring at her.

“Is that a problem?” Ashley said back in the same bitchy tone. She was not above cutting a bitch.

Quinn faltered when she glanced at Spencer. She was looking at her with wide eyes but her face was unreadable.

“No,” she said quietly and then turned to Rachel. “I’m not feeling well, can you get a ride home with Brittany and Santana?”

Rachel bit her lip and looked at Quinn with a worried expression. She had no idea what brought on her girlfriend’s sudden mood change but she was determined to find out. “Are you all right, Quinn?” she asked reaching out to her but Quinn pulled back.

Quinn saw the flash of hurt cross Rachel’s face and wanted nothing more to apologize but she wanted to leave. “Can she get a ride with you?” she asked turning her attention to Santana so she didn’t have to look at Rachel’s sad face.

Santana just nodded. She knew her best friend well enough to know that something major was bothering her.

“Thanks.” And without even saying bye to anyone, Quinn turned and left the restaurant.

Rachel was about to go after her but Santana grabbed her wrist. “Rachel, she’ll be fine,” she said it quietly so only Rachel could hear.

Rachel was not convinced but she let it go for now at least. She had every intention of having a very long conversation with Quinn on why exactly she behaved the way she did just now.

“So you’re a rug muncher now?” Santana blatantly said trying to change the topic.

“Santana!” Rachel said affronted. “That is an extremely derogatory thing to say.” She looked at Spencer and Ashley who just had very amused expressions at the little exchange. “I apologize on behalf of Santana.”

Santana just smirked and linked pinkies with Brittany when she asked “Do people really munch on rugs?”

“It’s okay, Rachel,” Spencer said trying not to laugh and then looked at Brittany and Santana’s joined fingers. “So I take it that you two are official now?”

“No,” Brittany said with a smile still on her face. “Santana doesn’t like to makes things official. She doesn’t like labels.”

Spencer just smiled fondly at Ashley. “I know what you mean.”

“But I like labels,” Brittany continued. “My mom labels my lunch bag so I don’t take my sister’s instead.”

Ashley was about to comment but Spencer put a hand on her shoulder. It was probably for the best because Madison 2.0 just glared at her. Normally, Ashley would’ve glared back and said something vulgar but Spencer’s firm grip stopped her.

“Do you guys want to join us?” Spencer asked. “They just brought us breadsticks and we’ve been here for like ten minutes.”

“Yeah, the service here sucks balls but sure we’ll join.” Santana shoved Rachel into the booth first much to the displeasure of Rachel who opened her mouth to retort. “Shut it, Berry and just sit down.”

Rachel scoffed but scooted into the end.

“S, you can’t push her around like that,” Brittany said sliding up next to Santana. “She’s really little and Quinn would be very mad if you broke her.”

“I appreciate your concern, Brittany. But I can handle myself.”

Santana rolled her eyes. “Whatever.”

Spencer watched the three girls’ exchange and raised an eyebrow. She was clearly missing something but decided not to approach the subject. At least not yet.

Ashley wanted to get the hell out. She felt like she entered an entire different world. If these were the girls that Spencer was friends with back then, how the hell did she manage to stay sane? And that Quinn girl rubbed her in all the wrong ways. She barely said anything but Ashley wanted to punch her or something as equally as violent.

“You look familiar,” Rachel said scrutinizing Ashley.

Ashley shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Rachel had some pretty intense eyes. “Do I?”

“Yes, I feel like I’ve seen your face before and I have a photographic memory-”

“God, Berry, can you stop freaking her out?” Santana shook her head and turned to Ashley. “She has no filter between that brain and that very large mouth of hers.”

“You’re Ashley Davies!” Rachel exclaimed covering her mouth with her hands in pure excitement.

Ashley cringed. She did not expect anyone to recognize her and least of all in a town like Lima. And why was Rachel so excited? It wasn’t like she was famous or anything.

“Seriously, Berry, you’re embarrassing the entire restaurant.”

Spencer just smiled as she watched Ashley trying to take in the entity that was Rachel Berry.

“Santana, this is Ashley Davies, daughter of the late Raife ‘Danger’ Davies!” She looked at her expectantly only to be met with an eyebrow raise. “Lead singer of Purple Venom?”

Santana turned to Ashley. “You’re the daughter of a rock star?”

“Dead rock star,” Ashley corrected and shrugged. “But yeah, I am.”

“Remind me not to introduce you to Puck.”

Brittany turned to Santana. “Don’t introduce her to Puck.”

Santana smiled. “Thanks, Britt.”

“You must know a lot of musicians then,” Rachel said bouncing in her seat. “Do you know record producers as well?”

Ashley looked to Spencer for help. This girl was beginning to be a little too much for her.

“Actually, Rachel, Ashley is a song writer. She works for an independent record label.” Spencer said proudly.

Santana let out a groan and put her head in her hands as Rachel took out a notebook and pen from her purse.

“You must tell me the name of the record label and what kind of music they produce. I know that my future lies more on the East Coast and on Broadway, but having connections on the West Coast would help further my career.”

Spencer just looked on amused at the scene before her. It felt like old times again but this time she had Ashley with her and Rachel was randomly thrown in to make things more interesting. The only person missing was Quinn.

She couldn’t get the look on Quinn’s face out her head when she mentioned Ashley. Was that jealously? Spencer’s mind went back to a night two years ago and to a party where she let the vodka make her decisions. Back to the night where she and Quinn left their rowdy friends and took shelter in an old tree house in Brittany’s backyard. Back to the night where she lost one of her best friends.


Quinn threw herself facedown on her bed and let out a scream. The sound was muffled in her pillow but it wouldn’t matter since no one was actually home to hear her little meltdown.

Spencer Carlin was back in town and that reopened a whole lot of things that Quinn was trying desperately to keep close. Why did her life work this way? She was happy. Actually happy.

After everything that happened the past two years, Quinn finally found steady ground. She had resolved every wrong doing in her life. From Finn to Puck and the baby and now Rachel.

Rachel. The reason why she had a (according to Santana) stupid smile on her face every single day. The reason why she strived to be a better person. The reason she believed that she too will make it out of this God forsaken town. But now, she could lose all of that because she was too much of a coward to face her own mistakes.

The truth was eventually going to come out. Her little freak out at the restaurant will not be ignored by her overly persistent girlfriend. She could already anticipate Rachel’s reaction. She was going to be angry and hurt. That was the last thing she wanted. Seeing Rachel sad was possibly the worst feeling in the world. And being the cause of that hurt always made Quinn want to jump off a cliff.

But she had to face it. Had to rectify her mistake she made with Spencer that night. Hopefully, Quinn could be forgiven.

By Spencer and Rachel.

Tags: !fic, crossover, fandom: glee, fandom: south of nowhere, fic: run from it or learn from it, multi-part, pairing: rachel/quinn, pairing: spencer/ashley
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