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Fic: Run From It Or Learn From It (Spencer/Ashley, Rachel/Quinn) Part 5

Title: Run From It Or Learn From It
Author: maria1229
Fandom: South of Nowhere/Glee
Pairing: Spencer/Ashley, Rachel/Quinn side Brittany/Santana, Glen/Kyla
Category: Crossover, Femmeslash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: Part 5: 2,466
Summary: Awkward reunions lead to awkward situations.
Notes: After months of saying I'll write a Spencer/Ashley and Rachel/Quinn crossover, I finally sat down and did it. Will be very short.
Disclaimer: South of Nowhere is a property of The-N and Viacom. I'm not a crack monkey therefore I do not work for the writers of South of Nowhere. I just borrow their characters for my own pleasure. Glee is a property of Ryan Murphy and Co. I own none of the characters you recognize.

Author's Note: I rushed this part a lot because this fic was only meant to be like 3 parts. I really want to get to the fluffy part pretty quickly. So there's probably only one more part after this. Also, I'm heading out of town next weekend so you won't get an update for a while.

Part Five

Quinn felt like an absolute stalker. She was currently parked outside across the street from what she believed was Allison’s house, but she was still wasn’t sure. Technically it was Allison’s parent’s house because Allison moved from Lima when she graduated high school. Quinn assumed that this is where would Spencer would be. Don’t kids usually come back to their parent’s when they’re in town? She didn’t know who in their right mind would come back to Lima to get married.

Then again Spencer and her family could’ve stayed at a hotel.

Quinn banged her head against her steering wheel. She knew she had to do this. Not just so Rachel would take her off this goddamn girlfriend probation but also because she wanted to. She wanted to make amends and apologize to Spencer.

Her thoughts were interrupted when someone knocked on her window. Quinn jumped when she saw the smiling face of Glen Carlin. She couldn’t help but smile as she rolled down her window.

“Quinn Fabray, what the hell are you doing here?” he asked with a grin on his face.

Quinn got out of her car and was lifted off the ground by Glen in a tight hug. “Good to see you, too Glen.”

“Still didn’t answer my question.” Glen put her down and shoved his hands in his pockets. “How did you even know we were here?”

Quinn bit her lip. “I ran into Spencer earlier, and she told me that your cousin was getting married. I assumed it was it was Allison considering it was all over our local newspaper.”

Glen nodded. “So you want to talk to Spencer or something?”

Quinn swallowed. “Um, yeah if that’s all right? I don’t want to intrude on your family reunion or anything but I just need a few minutes with her.”

“Yeah, sure, wanna come inside?” Glen started to head back to the house but Quinn stood where she was. She looked at the house warily thinking of who else was in there.

“Actually, you think she can come out here?”

Glen laughed. “I take it you met Ashley?”

Quinn blushed embarrassed. She would never admit that she was a little scared of Spencer’s girlfriend. From the two seconds she met her, Quinn knew that Ashley was not someone to mess with. And that was saying something considering Quinn prided herself in intimidating her peers. It was just one of the perks of being a Cheerio.

“Just don’t want to intrude,” she repeated lamely.

“All right, I’ll send her out.” He jogged back to the house and Quinn leaned against her car. She went over exactly what she was going to say to Spencer but it still didn’t stop her from being completely nervous.

A minute later, Spencer came out of the house and started walking towards her. Quinn quelled her nerves down when Spencer stopped right in front of her, a small smile on her face.

She didn’t actually take the time to look at Spencer at the restaurant because she was too busy freaking out, but Quinn did notice that Spencer changed a lot in those two years. Her hair was blonder and her skin had a nice golden glow. It was almost like a new Spencer except her eyes were still as blue as ever.

“Hey,” Spencer said breaking the silence. “I honestly didn’t think I’d see you again.”

“Yeah,” Quinn said shamefully, scuffing her shoe on the pavement. “Want to go for a walk?”

Spencer smiled. “Sure.”

They started walking around Allison’s neighborhood but didn’t say anything for a few minutes.

“So, does it feel weird to be back?” Quinn asked trying to break the ice.

“Yeah, it does. I mean, there’s lots of things that stayed the same but there’s also lots of things that changed.” Spencer tilted her head at Quinn. “You know?”

Quinn nodded. “Spencer, I’m sorry.” Getting to the point was good way to go right?

Spencer stopped walking and turned to face Quinn. “Quinn, it’s okay,” she started but Quinn interrupted her.

“No, it’s not. Look, what I said that night and the way I acted? That’s not okay. I should have never treated you that way. You were one of my best friends and you did not deserve that all. I was just scared and stupid and had no idea how to deal with those feelings and-”

Spencer stopped her by putting a hand on her shoulder. “You need to breathe, Quinn” she said amused.

Quinn did just that and took a deep breath. Apparently spending that much time with Rachel Berry made her prone to rambles.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that this apology is 2 years over due.”

Spencer chuckled. “Quinn, look I understand okay? And there’s no bad feelings between us, alright? Let’s leave the past where it belongs.”

Quinn couldn’t believe how well Spencer was taking this. Sure Spencer had always been a nice and forgiving person, but she wanted to at least get yelled at or something.

“Spencer, I can’t just forget about it. I treated you horribly.”

Spencer sighed and led Quinn to a nearby bench and sat down. “Quinn, it took me a while to get over what you said to me that night. I was hurt and confused and honestly thought something was wrong with me.”

Quinn nodded. That’s exactly how she felt with a lot more self-loathing. “I’m sorry,” she said again because she didn’t know what else to say.

“Quinn, I knew how hard it was for you. I grew up with you remember? My mom and your parents? They were scary.”

“Yeah, I know,” she said bitterly. Even though her relationship with her mom improved somewhat, she still wasn’t a hundred percent okay with her dating Rachel. And Quinn didn’t even know where her father was. It made her sad and relieved at the same time.

“I’m not saying what you said to me that night didn’t hurt like hell, I’m saying that I forgive you because you were just as scared as me.” Spencer smiled at her. “And I know you Quinn Fabray, the only feelings you’re good at expressing is anger.”

Quinn laughed. It was true. Before Rachel, she couldn’t open up to anybody. “Thanks, Spencer. I’m still sorry though.”

Spencer reached over and covered her hand that was on the bench. “I know, Quinn.” They stared at each other for a few minutes and it felt like they were best friends again up in Brittany’s tree house.

“So what’s new with you, anyways?” Quinn said, finally feeling comfortable. “Besides the whole having a girlfriend thing.”

Spencer laughed. “Um.” She had no idea how to describe the past two years to Quinn. Lots of drama that’s for sure. “Drama, drama, drama,” she said laughing. “And yourself?”

“I’m dating Rachel,” she said smiling.

Spencer smiled as well. “Really now? And how the hell did that happen?”

Quinn took a deep breath and started to tell Spencer exactly what happened the past two years. Starting with her pregnancy.


“So, let me get this straight,” Spencer started her mouth still opened from the shock of what Quinn just told her. “You cheated on Finn with Puck, got pregnant and gave her up for adoption to Rachel’s birth mother and now you’re dating Rachel?”

Quinn just nodded.

“Wow, and I thought me kind of dating the guy that knocked up Ashley was weird,” Spencer said under her breath.

Quinn raised her eyebrow. “Wait, what?”

And then Spencer told her the story of Aiden Dennison.


“I’m sorry about Clay,” Quinn said after they exchanged stories and realized that Spencer never brought him up.

Spencer looked at her with a sad smile. “Thanks.”

“We had a memorial service for him when we found out.”

“You did?” Spencer’s voice cracked.

Quinn squeezed Spencer’s hand. “Yeah, the glee club put it together actually. Clay was really good friends with Artie Abrams remember?”

Spencer could only nod as she felt the tears slip down her face.

“Thanks, Quinn.”

They sat their in comfortable silence when Spencer’s cell phone vibrated in her pocket. She took it out and rolled her eyes when she saw the message from Ashley.

Hey baby, need me to throttle any blonde bitches? Also, Im going to kill Glen if he doesn’t stop bitching about the room

No. I’ll be back in a bit. Don’t kill anyone.

She shook her head in amusement and turned to Quinn. “I gotta get back before Ashley kills Glen.”

Quinn nodded and stood up. “Yeah, I need to go see Rachel and try to get off probation.” She almost slapped herself when she realized what she said.

Spencer laughed. “Probation?”

“Yeah, she said that if I didn’t fix things with you that she won’t speak to me so she put me on probation.” She blushed.

“I put Ashley in time out,” Spencer said shrugging. “Wow, you and Rachel Berry,” she said still trying to get used to it. “Well, can’t say it’s that’s surprising.

“What?” Quinn said incredulously. “How is it not surprising?”

“Well, you were always so mean to the poor girl. I figured you either were really jealous of her for some reason or you really wanted to get into her skirt.”

Quinn contemplated it for a second before conceding. “Yeah, you’re right.”

Spencer laughed again and they started walking back to the house and to Quinn’s car. “You happy then?”

Quinn felt her face break into the biggest smile. “Yeah, I am. Happier than I’ve been in a really long time.”

“That’s good. I’m glad.” They stopped by Quinn’s car and Spencer pulled her into a hug. “It was good seeing you again.”

Quinn wrapped her arms around Spencer’s back and hugged her tight. “You too.” They pulled apart smiling. “Hey, when you heading back to L.A.?”

“The wedding’s on Sunday and we leave Tuesday, why?”

“Well, if I get off probation, Rachel and I had plans to go to the drive-in theater that just reopened tomorrow night. You and Ashley should come. We’re doubling with Brittany and Santana.”

Spencer bit her lip in thought. That would be a very interesting night considering that Ashley still hated Quinn but she wanted the two to actually formally meet without bloodshed.

“Yeah, sure we’ll be there.”

Quinn smiled. “Great, see you tomorrow then.” She got in her car and waved to Spencer before driving to her girlfriend’s house. She felt like a thousand pound weight has been lifted off her.


Ashley looked up when Spencer reentered the house. She was smiling so that was a good sign.

“So how it’d go with your Queerio? Ow!” Spencer hit her on the arm.

“It went fine, she apologized and I forgave her.” She grabbed Ashley’s arm and led her to the living to sit down and cuddle.

“Did she mean it?”

Spencer rolled her eyes and poked Ashley’s stomach. “Yes, Ash, she did, and I would appreciate it if you weren’t so hostile towards her now.”

“What? It’s not like I’m going to hang out with her. I can insult her all I want.” She put her arm around Spencer as her girlfriend snuggled against her side.

“That’s where you’re wrong Ms. Davies. I told her we’d go to the old drive-in theater tomorrow night so we can all hang out and you can get to know her.” Spencer smiled as she felt Ashley tense. She knew Ashley would protest, possibly throw a fit but will eventually go anyways.

“Speeennnce,” she whined. “I don’t want to play nice to some hick who called you those things. Can’t I just hit her?”

“No, you’re going to the theater and you’re going to be civil. Or else,” she threatened.

Ashley raised her eyebrow. “Or else what?”

“I’m putting you in time out.”

Ashley just shook her head and she pulled Spencer closer.

“God, you two are gross,” Glen said from behind them. “Will you stop molesting my sister in front of me?”

Ashley threw a couch cushion at him. “Why don’t you go find my sister and molest her, ass eyes?”

Spencer just smiled.


Quinn rang the doorbell to the Berry household holding a bouquet of pink roses and a teddy bear holding a heart with the words “I’m Sorry” written on it.

Rachel’s dad opened the door and laughed when he saw the items in Quinn’s arms. “Made the princess angry, did we?” he teased and Quinn rolled her eyes.

“You can say that. Can I see her?”

Mr. Berry stepped aside to let Quinn in. “Sure, she’s upstairs in her room.” Quinn smiled at him and waved to Rachel’s other dad who was sitting in the living room.

She didn’t even bother to knock and just opened the door to Rachel’s room. Her girlfriend was on her laptop typing away. Probably writing the English paper that wasn’t due until next week.

“I spoke to Spencer,” Quinn said.

Rachel turned around in her chair and narrowed her eyes at Quinn. “And?”

“We talked about everything and she forgave me.” She handed the flowers to Rachel but kept the teddy bear hidden behind her back. “Am I off probation now?”

Rachel smelled the roses and then put them aside. “It depends. What’s behind your back?” Her brown eyes lit up and she was bouncing her feet like a little kid on Christmas.

Quinn shook her head and revealed the teddy bear. “I figured he’d help my case.”

Rachel pretty much squealed. “Quinn! He’s so cute.” She took the stuffed animal in her arms and squeezed it against her chest. One of the million things she loved about Rachel. Her fondness for stuffed animals. She loved giving them to her just to see her face light up like that.

“So am I off?”

“Yes, Quinn Fabray. You’re officially off girlfriend probation.” She smiled and put the teddy by all the other stuffed animals Quinn has given her.

“Oh thank God,” Quinn said dramatically and then pulled Rachel to her giving her a kiss. “Hi,” she said when she pulled apart.

“Hi, want to stay for dinner?”

Quinn scrunched her face. She wasn’t a fan of any of the vegan food that the Berrys made but she wanted to spend time with Rachel.

“Can I have you for dinner instead?” she teased.

Rachel leaned in and licked the shell of Quinn’s ear. “You can have me for dessert,” she whispered.

Quinn shivered. “God, Rach, trying to kill me?”

“No, that would be just horrible. I can’t be dating someone who is dead. I’m not a necropheliac.”

“Christ, Berry, you have to take everything so literally?”

Rachel smiled and kissed her. “I thought you loved me and my literal ways.”

Quinn rolled her eyes and kissed her again. “You and only you, Berry.”

Tags: !fic, crossover, fandom: glee, fandom: south of nowhere, fic: run from it or learn from it, multi-part, pairing: rachel/quinn, pairing: spencer/ashley
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