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Fic: Run From It Or Learn From It (Spencer/Ashley, Rachel/Quinn) Part 1

Title: Run From It Or Learn From It
Author: maria1229
Fandom: South of Nowhere/Glee
Pairing: Spencer/Ashley, Rachel/Quinn side Brittany/Santana, Glen/Kyla
Category: Crossover, Femmeslash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: Part 1: 2,554
Summary: Awkward reunions lead to awkward situations.
Notes: After months of saying I'll write a Spencer/Ashley and Rachel/Quinn crossover, I finally sat down and did it. Will be very short.
Disclaimer: South of Nowhere is a property of The-N and Viacom. I'm not a crack monkey therefore I do not work for the writers of South of Nowhere. I just borrow their characters for my own pleasure. Glee is a property of Ryan Murphy and Co. I own none of the characters you recognize.

Run From It Or Learn From It

Part One

Spencer rolled her eyes as she attempted to balance her cell phone between her shoulder and ear while she searched through her purse for her keys.

“Yes, mom,” she said exasperated into the phone. Her cell rang literally the second she left her last class of the day. How her mom knew exactly when she got out of class still kind of freaked Spencer out but she accepted that Paula just knew these things.

Spencer finally found her keys and pressed the button to unlock her car door. She threw her bag into the passenger seat as she continued to listen to the rambling voice. Paula has been calling her nonstop right after school for the past 4 days reminding her every other second about their trip back home. Since it was exactly one day before they had to leave, Paula went into overdrive and called Spencer every single time she wasn’t home.

Spencer caught words like “Seven o’clock sharp” and “Tell Ashley to bring appropriate clothes” and “Please don’t be late.”

“Mom!” she finally interrupted as she got into the driver’s seat. “Calm down, I’ve been packed for days and I’m on my way to Ashley’s right now to make sure she’s ready as well. Would you please calm down?”

Paula sighed. “I’m sorry, I just don’t want to make a bad impression.”

At this, Spencer laughed. “Mom, it’s dad’s family, they’re the most laid back people in the world. And you’re acting like you’ve never met them before. You and dad have been married forever”

“I know, it’s just I don’t think they like me too much. I mean, I am reason that we uprooted our entire family across the country.”

Spencer shook her head as she started her car. “You’ll be fine, if anyone should be nervous, it should be me.” Even as she said this, Spencer’s stomach lurched. The thought of going back to place where she grew up in and back to the friends she hasn’t seen or spoken to in two years. Especially since she’s changed A LOT in those two years. She briefly wondered exactly how much Debbie told everyone about her trip to Los Angeles.

“Okay, mom, I’m about to drive, so I’ll see you in a few hours.”

“Are you staying at Ashley’s tonight? Because if you are, you might risk getting up late and missing our flight-”

Spencer rolled her eyes again. “Mom! We won’t be late. And no, I’ll be coming home tonight to prevent you that heart attack that you’re about to have. I’m hanging up now.” She flipped her cell phone close but not before she heard “make sure Ashley isn’t late!”

Spencer shook her head and pulled out of King High’s parking lot.

This trip back home had been planned for months now ever since Spencer’s favorite cousin, Allison, called her and told her she got engaged. She had invited the entire Carlin family to the wedding and even asked her to be a bridesmaid. As honored as she was, Spencer did not want to go.

Ohio was another life time for her and she didn’t think she could go back there. She never realized how restricted her hometown was until she moved to Los Angeles. Here, Spencer was free to be whoever she wanted. She was no longer afraid to be who she was and she had Ashley to thank for that.

Moving was the best thing that ever happened to Spencer. She wasn’t ready to go back to a place where she still kept skeletons in her closet.

But after much begging from Allison and many guilt trips, Spencer finally conceded. It didn’t hurt that Allison had invited Ashley and Kyla as well. They were pretty much family. And since Allison hasn’t even met the girl who changed her life, Spencer figured this was the best time as any. Having Ashley with her would also help keep her sane.

Spencer pulled into to Ashley’s loft and smiled. After the day she had, seeing her girlfriend made Spencer deliriously happy that she practically skipped into the elevator.

She raised her fist to knock on the door when it flew open and Kyla almost crashed into her.

“Whoa, Spencer, sorry!” she apologized but ran right pass her.

“Where’s the fire?” Spencer asked amused as she entered the loft. Ashley was sitting on the couch with her guitar on her lap and a composition notebook open beside her.

“Idiot forgot to pick up her dress for the wedding from the dry cleaners,” Ashley said.

Spencer went behind the couch and looked over to try to see what her girlfriend was writing but Ashley shut her notebook.

Spencer smirked. “Writing another song about me?”

“Always.” Ashley tilted her head back and smiled up at her girlfriend. “Kiss,” she demanded and Spencer bent over and pecked her lips. “How was your day, my dear?” She put her guitar down and pulled Spencer to sit down next to her.

Spencer’s head immediately found Ashley’s shoulder and she snuggled up against her body. “Long and boring. Not to mention my mom called me literally when the last bell rang.”

Ashley chuckled and kissed the top of Spencer’s head. “Poor baby. Has she been reminding you every other second about the trip?”

“She won’t stop! God, she’s acting like she’s the one that’s getting married. I don’t know why she’s so nervous.” Her fingers absently played with the hem of Ashley’s worn out concert t-shirt.

“Probably the same reason you’re so nervous.”

“I’m not nervous,” Spence denied and sat up. Ashley raised her eyebrows skeptically. “Okay, I’m a little nervous but that’s because I’m most likely going to run into my old friends while we’re there. Who knows what Debbie has told them.”

“That you have a totally hot girlfriend?” Ashley said smiling and got a pillow in her face. “Spence, you shouldn’t care what they think.”

Spencer looked down. “I don’t, I’m proud of who I am and I’m proud of us, it’s just…”

Ashley reached out and lifted her chin. “It’s just what?”

“Ash, that town is the most repressed place ever. And as much as I love you for agreeing to come with me, I don’t want you to have a horrible time.”

“Spencer, I’m going to be with you the entire time. And plus, I’m so ready to scar a bunch of hicks with my ways.” She grinned and pulled Spencer back to her. “I don’t think they can handle the hotness that is Ashley Davies.”

“Ha, I don’t think they can handle that ego either.” Spencer sighed and relaxed in Ashley’s embrace.

“You’re sure that’s only reason you’re nervous?” Ashley asked after a few minutes of silence. “That I’m not going to enjoy myself?”

“Among other things,” Spencer mumbled.

“Like what?

She let out a long sigh. “I was friends with a lot of cheerleaders.”

Ashley rolled her eyes like this was news. “I know, Spence, you were on the squad and I’ve met Debbie. What’s the big deal?”

Spencer bit her lip. “I just want to warn you because they weren’t exactly nice.”

“They usually aren’t. Look at Madison and Sherry.”

“I know, but, they’re different.”

Ashley eyed Spencer. “Is there something you’re not telling me, Spence?”

Spencer just shook her head and avoided eye contact. “Forget it. So you’re all packed? Because my mom will kill you if you’re not.”

“Yes, dear.” She accepted the blatant brush off but knew that Spencer would eventually tell whatever was bothering her. “I even packed knee length skirts.”

“Didn’t know you owned them.” Spencer smiled and kissed her cheek. “Say bye to L.A. because tomorrow we’re going to be in Bumfuck, Ohio.”

Ashley laughed. “And here I thought it was called Lima.”


Quinn was exhausted. A grueling two hour Cheerio practice right after a long day at school drained every ounce of energy right out of her. She was thankful that she didn’t have glee practice because she honestly didn’t think she could listen to Rachel Berry go on and on about song choices and choreography.

After pulling out the things she needed for home, Quinn shut her locker door and jumped about a foot in the air when Rachel’s face appeared behind it.

“Christ, Berry, wear a bell for God’s sake,” she said clutching her heart.

Rachel just smiled unfazed and shoved a piece of stationary in front of her face.

“What the hell is this?” Quinn asked taking the paper.

“Well, Quinn, if you would use your reading abilities, you wouldn’t have to ask that question.”

Quinn just rolled her eyes and read the top of the page. “Rachel and Quinn’s Weekend Plans?” Of course Rachel would write an itinerary.

Rachel just nodded enthusiastically and while she told Quinn to read the piece of paper, it still didn’t stop her from explaining exactly what was on it.

“As it says there, the old drive-in movie theater is re-opening this weekend and the film that they’re showing is one of my all time favorites.” She waited for Quinn to read off the paper.

The King and I? Why are they playing an old ass musical?”

“Because that was the first movie that they played when it first opened and thought it’d be appropriate to play it again for the re-opening,” Rachel explained.

Quinn just sighed and started walking towards the exit with Rachel following by her side.

“Now, I’ve already purchased our tickets and I think we should arrive there an hour early so we can find a decent spot to view the movie. And while I think your car is more than adequate for basic modes of transportation, it’s not exactly appropriate for a drive-in movie experience.”

They reached Quinn’s car and Quinn opened the trunk to dump her and Rachel’s bags in it. At this point, she had already tuned out Rachel’s babbling. She figured she could read the damn itinerary for anything she missed. She did catch the part about her car.

“What does that even mean? Not appropriate for a drive-in movie experience?”

Rachel smiled when Quinn unconsciously opened the passenger door for her. “Well, I asked Noah if we could borrow his truck because it has a bed and more room for the activities that I know that you will engage me in because you can’t resist touching me when we watch movies.” Rachel gave her a coy little smirk.

Quinn had the decency to blush as Rachel got into her car. It was true though.

“And Puck agreed to let us his borrow his truck?” she asked as she got in the driver’s side. That was pretty hard to believe.

“Yes, although he doubted that either of us could drive a manual vehicle, but I assured him that you have plenty of experience with driving stick.”

Quinn slapped her hand on her face already knowing Puck’s reaction to Rachel’s comment.

“He then proceeded to make a lewd comment, but Santana slapped him hard before he could finish.”

Quinn laughed. “Wait, why was Santana there?”

Rachel bit her lip. “Well, Santana threatened me with bodily harm if I didn’t let her and Brittany share the truck with us. She was going to ask Noah to borrow the truck as well but of course I plan these things well in advance-”

“So we’re double dating with Brittany and Santana?” Quinn asked getting to the point Rachel was eventually going to make.

“Yes, is that a problem?” she asked a little worried.

Quinn dramatically sighed and started her car. “Yes, how am I suppose to molest you with Brittany and Santana sharing the truck bed with us?”

Rachel smiled and leaned over the console and whispered in Quinn’s ear. “Never stopped you before.” She felt Quinn shiver and sat back down in her seat. “Besides, I will bring blankets so that should obscure some of our indiscretions.”

“Alright, Berry, I got it. Anything else?”

“Yes, I’ve been talking for about ten minutes and you have not once engaged me in a display of affection. I beginning to doubt your-”

Quinn reached over and pulled Rachel to her and crashed their lips together successfully shutting her up.

“Happy?” Quinn said when they pulled apart. A smile on her lips.

“Yes, but I’m in dire need of sustenance, I spent most of the lunch hour writing that itinerary.”

Quinn just shook her head and finally started to pull out of the parking lot when they heard a car a honk. They looked behind them and saw Santana and Brittany coming up behind them in Santana’s car.

They rolled down their windows and waited for Santana to drive up beside them. “Hey losers, you wanna grab a bite to eat at Breadsticks?” Santana asked.

“Sure,” Quinn said but Rachel slapped her arm. “What?” she said rubbing the spot.

“Quinn, you cannot call what they serve there actual food. Their spaghetti sauce tastes like ketchup!” She pouted and crossed her arms across her chest.

“I am not driving a half hour to that damn vegan restaurant and eat something that taste like cardboard. We’re going to Breadsticks and you will eat your pasta with ketchup.”

Rachel just pouted again and sat back against her seat. “Fine, but I’m not putting out tonight.”

Quinn grinned and reached over to slide her hand up her girlfriend’s thigh. It was Rachel’s turn to shiver.

“Sure you’re not.”

“Are we going or are you going to fondle your hobbit?” Santana asked impatiently.

“Yes, we’ll see you there!” Quinn yelled back.

“You shouldn’t pout, Rachel!” Brittany yelled as Santana drove off. “Santana thinks Frodo is cute!”

Quinn just rolled her eyes and took Rachel’s hand and kissed it, wiping the pout from her face.


The hostess glared when she saw Brittany and Santana walk through the doors with Rachel and Quinn following behind them. “Sit wherever you like,” she said before any of the girls could say anything.

“Well, that was rude,” Rachel said as she watched the hostess walk off. “I will have to inform the management of her behavior.”

“Let it go, baby,” Quinn said placing a hand on the small of her back.

Santana just smirked and looked around the restaurant. “So where do you want to sit?”

“Ooh! Let’s sit by Spencer!” Brittany said excitedly.

Three confused faces turned to her.

“Who?” Santana asked.

Brittany let out an exasperated sigh. Sometimes she wondered why people thought she was slow. “Spencer Carlin.”

Rachel and Quinn just looked at Santana not exactly knowing what to say. The wrong comment meant Santana’s wrath when it came to Brittany.

“Britt, Spencer moved to L.A. over two years ago,” Santana said smiling.

“Okay, then who’s that feeding a breadstick to that girl?” Brittany pointed towards a direction and the three confused girls followed. “Hey, Spencer!”

“Holy shit,” Spencer said when she heard her name. Ashley turned at the sound of Spencer’s name and found three girls wearing cheerleading uniforms and a girl who couldn’t look more out of place if she tried. She was wearing an argyle sweater and a short plaid skirt that could’ve rivaled hers.

“Those the mean cheerleaders you were talking about?” Ashley asked turning her attention back to Spencer.

Spencer just nodded. Her blue eyes found hazel ones and she couldn’t look away.
Tags: !fic, crossover, fandom: glee, fandom: south of nowhere, fic: run from it or learn from it, multi-part, pairing: rachel/quinn, pairing: spencer/ashley
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