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Fic: Run From It Or Learn From It (Spencer/Ashley, Rachel/Quinn) Part 3

Title: Run From It Or Learn From It
Author: maria1229
Fandom: South of Nowhere/Glee
Pairing: Spencer/Ashley, Rachel/Quinn side Brittany/Santana, Glen/Kyla
Category: Crossover, Femmeslash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: Part 3: 3,124
Summary: Awkward reunions lead to awkward situations.
Notes: After months of saying I'll write a Spencer/Ashley and Rachel/Quinn crossover, I finally sat down and did it. Will be very short.
Disclaimer: South of Nowhere is a property of The-N and Viacom. I'm not a crack monkey therefore I do not work for the writers of South of Nowhere. I just borrow their characters for my own pleasure. Glee is a property of Ryan Murphy and Co. I own none of the characters you recognize.

Part Three

Spencer played catch up with Brittany and Santana and was very surprised that the topic of conversation was mostly about glee club. Of course it was mostly Rachel talking about all their competitions that they’ve won (and lost) and songs and performances.

It shocked her that half the club was composed of Cheerios and football players. Never in her life did she ever think that people like Finn Hudson or Noah Puckerman would join an extra curricular activity like glee club.

Spencer also noticed that every single time Quinn was brought up in the conversation, the topic was quickly changed by Brittany or Santana. Rachel seemed to be confused of the change and more than once looked like she was about to ask but was immediately shot down by Santana.

Spencer briefly wondered if Quinn had told Santana what happened between the two of them. She pushed the thought aside. Quinn made it pretty clear that night was to be forgotten.

“So, you guys still hang out with Debbie?” Spencer asked after Rachel went through a play by play of their last invitational.

Santana snorted. “No, she got expelled last year.”

Ashley let out a loud laugh and everyone looked at her strangely. “What? Bitch deserved it,” she said blatantly. Spencer was still giving her a look. “Oh come on, you know she did.”

Spencer just shook her head. “So what happened?”

“They found vodka in her locker,” Brittany explained. “They found a bird in mine.”

Ashley quirked her eyebrow in confusion but it seemed like she was the only one who noticed that random comment.

“Alright,” Santana said while looking at her watch. “It was nice seeing you again, but we have to go.”

“Excuse me, Santana,” Rachel said petulantly. “But I am not finished discussing with Ashley about all the record deal options I could have if I move to Los Angeles.”

Ashley turned to Spencer for help again and thank God her girlfriend took pity on her. “Ash, why don’t you just give her the record label’s card and Rachel can call and ask herself?”

“Yeah, right okay,” Ashley said quickly and fumbled in her purse for a business card. She handed it to Rachel who looked at it like it was a Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

“Give us a call before you head back,” Santana said writing her cell number on a piece of napkin and handing it to Spencer. “It was nice meeting you, Ashley.”

“Yeah, you too.”

“Bye, Spencer,” Brittany said while she pulled her into another hug. “Bye, Ashley.” And before Ashley knew it, she was also pulled in a hug. She patted Brittany’s back awkwardly searching for Spencer who was covering her mouth trying not to laugh.

Brittany finally let her go and linked pinkies with Santana as they headed for the door. Rachel was still in the booth looking at the table.

“Santana!” she yelled. “You didn’t even pay the check!” But Santana chose to ignore her and Rachel let out a frustrated groan. “No sense of courtesy,” she mumbled to herself as she pulled out a few bills from her purse. “It was nice meeting you, Ashley.” She held out her hand and shook Ashley’s as if they just had a business meeting. She turned to Spencer and gave her a hug as well. “When Quinn is feeling better, the six of us should all get together and hang out before you leave.”

Spencer just nodded. There was probably no chance of that happening.

“I should go before Santana leaves without me.” She waved to them one more time before running outside where Santana was already pulling out her parking spot.

“Well, that was…fucked up,” Ashley said as they left the restaurant.

Spencer let out a loud laugh. “Yeah, how are you liking my hometown?”

Ashley just shook her head still not quite believing the last hour just happened. She opened the car door for Spencer. “Are those seriously the people you hung out with when you were here?”

“Well, yeah. I told you I was a cheerleader. Cliché as it was, we did just hang out with other cheerleaders and jocks. I mean, I had other friends but the Cheerios were my core group of friends.”

“Cheerios? You guys seem more like Fruit Loops.” Spencer hit her arm. “What? Brittany and Santana are as gay as Lucky Charms and you’re the poster girl for the lesbian cheerleader.”

“Fine, we’re all very gay. Can we head back to Allison’s now? I’m still tired from the flight and I want to take a nap.” She pushed back her seat so it reclined. Ashley pulled out of the restaurant’s parking lot and started heading back to the Carlin’s.

“And by nap you mean sex with your very hot girlfriend?” Ashley gave her a big smile but Spencer ignored her. “Fine, but you owe me. Good God that Rachel can talk.”

Spencer busted out laughing again. “Yeah, that’s really weird that they all hang out now.”

“Well, she’s obviously screwing that bitchy Quinn girl.”

Spencer snapped her attention to Ashley so quickly that she was surprised her head didn’t fall off. “What?”

Ashley gave her an incredulous look. “Oh come on, Spence, did you not see the way Rachel was looking at her before her little freak out and how she always brought her up in the conversation before one of the two would switch the subject?”

“Rachel and Quinn? No way.”

“Oh, Spence, one of these days we’ll fix your gaydar.” She reached over and patted Spencer’s head condescendingly.

Spencer just bit her lip in thought. Rachel and Quinn. Quinn and Rachel. Quinn Fabray, all American, president of the Chastity Club, head cheerleader, dating the captain of the football team was now dating Rachel Berry?

“Okay, so are you going to tell me what happened between you and Quinn or am I going to have to ask another one of your friends.” Ashley took her eyes off the road for a second and gave Spence a serious look.

Spencer sighed. “Nothing happened, Ash.”

“Okay, you want tell me that again with even less feeling?”

“Fine, turn on the next left and I’ll tell you everything. I’d rather not have you drive off the road in a rage.”

Ashley’s stomach churned. She did not like the sound of that.

Spencer led them to a nice deserted park and they sat on a swinging bench. “You ready to hear the affairs of my sordid past?” Spencer said jokingly.

At this, Ashley calmed down a little. If Spencer was willing to joke about it that meant it wasn’t as a big of a deal that she thought it was.

“Whenever you’re ready.”

Spence sighed again. “Besides Debbie, Quinn was one of my closest friends Our families were really good friends,” she paused. “Actually, it was just my mom who was good friends with the Fabray’s. We went to the same church and everything. More than once, my mom tried to get me to join Christ Crusaders and the Chastity club with Quinn.”

Ashley tried very hard not to laugh at this new information and put on her “I’m a supportive girlfriend” face.

“Quinn was…repressed.”

“Like you were?” Ashley interrupted.

“Yeah, like I said we had a lot in common.”

“Except you probably weren’t a bitch.” Spencer glared at her. “Sorry, go on.”

“Anyways, the weekend before I was about to leave for Los Angeles, all the Cheerios threw me a bon voyage party at Brittany’s house.” Spencer picked at her fingernails nervously.

“I take it you got wasted?” Ashley knew all too well that alcohol and Spencer were never good.

“Yeah, and so did Quinn. We ended up in Brittany’s old tree house.”

Ashley felt like she was at the edge of her seat. “And?”

It was getting too hot in the house and Spencer could barely stand. She knew she shouldn’t have let Puck mix her drinks for her. Who knows what he put in her cup. She had lost Debbie about an hour ago. She vaguely remembered seeing her dragged upstairs by someone in a Varsity jacket.

She was ready to call it a night and call Clay to pick her up when she felt someone grab her hand and lead her through the throng of drunk teenagers and outside in the cool air.

It took a few seconds to realize it was Quinn who dragged her out and she stumbled into her, giggling like crazy.

“Thanks for getting me out of there,” Spencer said. “I’m pretty sure Puck was about to take me upstairs.”

Quinn let out a laugh. “Yeah, that would not be good. Finn’s passed out somewhere and Brittany and Santana are…being Brittany and Santana. I needed to get away.”

“Wanna go up there?” Spencer said pointing to Brittany’s old tree house.

Quinn took a step forward towards the tree and tripped on herself. “You think that’s a good idea?” she said laughing and clutching on to Spencer for dear life. “I can barely walk.”

“Oh come on, Quinn, this is the last time we’re probably going to hang out and that tree house,” she pointed up. “Holds so many childhood memories.” She pouted for good measure.

“Fine, fine, you drunken babbler. But if I fall and break my leg, I’m going to convince Coach Sylvester to make you stay.” Quinn tried to compose herself and started to climb the rope ladder. Spencer was right behind her making sure she didn’t fall.

They both managed to make their way up into the house without hurting themselves and laid down on the blankets that were still up there. The roof opened up so they could see the night sky.

“I bet you won’t be able to see the stars in L.A.,” Quinn said sadly. She turned to look at Spencer who was looking right back at her.

“Probably not.”

Quinn bit her lip. “I’m really going to miss you, Spence.”

Spencer smiled sadly. “I’m going to miss you, too Quinn.” It was getting pretty hot up there, too, Spencer noticed. Or maybe it was the heat radiating off Quinn who had moved a bit closer to her.

“You know, I never realized how blue your eyes were. But right now, they look almost navy.” Quinn reached over and brushed a few strands of hair that fallen on Spencer’s face.

Spencer moved closer too. “Yeah? Well your eyes look almost emerald.”

Quinn was still playing with Spencer’s hair and her hand was now moving down Spencer’s neck. “Promise you won’t forget about me when you move to L.A.?” Their faces were close now. Their noses were brushing against each other.

“I promise.” Spencer closed her eyes and felt Quinn’s lips on her. She tasted like the flavored rum that Quinn was drinking earlier. Vanilla? She couldn’t remember because Quinn had pushed her back and draped her leg over waist and was now straddling her. The kisses were getting deeper and deeper.

Spencer’s hands seemed to have a life of their own as they inched their way up Quinn’s tank top. But once Spencer found skin, Quinn pulled back immediately. It was like whatever spell they were under broke completely.

Quinn backed away from Spencer with her hand wiping her mouth. “What the fuck did you think you were doing?” she said scathingly. Her eyes were wide and panicky.

Spencer sat up on her elbows completely confused on just what happened. “Quinn, I didn’t-”

“Is that why you wanted to come up here? So you can come on to me?” Quinn was livid as she tried to get out of the tree house which was a lot smaller now.

“What?! Quinn, no, can we talk about this?” She reached out to her but Quinn recoiled so fast that Spencer took a step back.

“I always knew you were a flaming queer from the way you always looked at me in the showers after practice. You’re disgusting,” she spat. She tried to get to the only exit but Spencer was blocking it.

“Please don’t say that,” Spencer said quietly. Tears were now forming in her eyes. “Quinn, please, you’re one of my best friends.” She tried to reach out to her again but this time Quinn slapped her hand way.

“I am not your friend.” Her eyes were cold and angry. “I’m so fucking happy you’re leaving so I don’t ever have to see you again. And if you ever tell anybody about this, I’ll make you sorry. You’re nothing but a disgusting dyke.”

Spencer felt like someone punched her in the gut as she watched Quinn climb down the tree. The tears were falling freely now.

“And that’s the last time I saw her until today,” Spence finished her story and looked at Ashley expectantly.

Ashley’s jaw was stiff and her eyes had almost a manic look about them. “I’m going to kill her.” She said it so calmly that Spencer was a bit scared.

“Ash, come on, it was a long time ago. Obviously, she was going through a hard time,” she rationalized.

“No one gets away calling you those things, Spencer,” Ashley said with conviction. “Nobody. I don’t care if it was in the past, present, or future. When someone hurts you? They hurt me, and I hurt them.” She got up from the bench and started making her way towards the car.

“Ash,” Spence called out and chased after her. “She’s probably regrets it now.”

“Really?” One of the many things Ashley loved and hated about Spencer. She saw the good in everyone and gave everyone a chance when they didn’t deserve it. Carmen briefly flashed in her mind and her anger rose more. “She couldn’t wait to get away from you at the restaurant and the fact that she most likely is dating Rachel makes her nothing but a filthy fucking hypocrite. Why are you okay with this, Spencer?”

“Because, Ashley.” She looked her straight in the eyes. “I know what it was like to be in her position. To have these feelings and not know what any of them meant. To push down who you really are because you were scared to death of what people might think of you. Whether or not your friends and family might hate you for being who you are.”

Ashley took a deep breath and calmed down. “It still doesn’t make it right and she should apologize to you.”

“I know. Maybe I’ll get to talk to her before we leave, but until then, can we just go back to Allison’s so I can sleep?” She tilted her head and gave Ashley sweet smile.

Ashley just rolled her eyes and took Spencer’s hand. “Fine, but I can’t be held accountable for my actions if my hands randomly find their way in your pants or shirt.”

Spencer just shook her head.


It didn’t really surprise Quinn when her doorbell rang and she found Rachel standing on her front porch.

“Are you feeling better?’ Rachel asked with a smile.

Quinn just nodded and let her girlfriend in. “You didn’t have to come over you know?” She didn’t mean to sound harsh, but she was still a mess from her encounter with Spencer. It didn’t help that she kept thinking back to that night and how she was going to explain it to Rachel. But knowing her girlfriend and her freaky sixth sense, Quinn probably didn’t need to explain anything.

“I know, but I wanted to check up on you. Plus, I left my things in your car.” Rachel tried her best to ignore Quinn’s mood. Her girlfriend was a moody person in general but she usually could make Quinn feel better. Right now it seemed like Quinn wanted her to leave.

“Oh, right sorry. Do you want to get it?”

“No, not right now. I wanted to talk to you about what happened at the restaurant.”

And there it was. Quinn didn’t even bother answering and just walked upstairs in her room. She knew Rachel would follow.

“I thought you’d be happy to see Spencer,” Rachel said once they entered Quinn’s room and she shut the door. “If my memory serves me correctly, you and Spencer were very close when she attended McKinley. Plus she was one of the few Cheerios who was actually nice to me so I remember her very well. I thought you’d greet her with more enthusiasm-”

“Rachel!” Quinn yelled putting her fingers to her temple. “Can you please stop talking for like five minutes?” It was like she was old Quinn again and she couldn’t even stop the glare she was currently giving Rachel.

Rachel swallowed and sat down on Quinn’s bed. She tried not to let on that Quinn’s little outburst kind of hurt her. She hadn’t heard that tone of voice or seen that look in a very long time.

“You know what? Can you just leave? I’m still not feeling well.”

Rachel finally had enough and crossed her arms across her chest. “No, I will not leave. You’ve been acting strangely ever since the restaurant and you refuse to tell me what’s going on. I’m not stupid, Quinn, I can make an excellent deduction that something must have happened between you and Spencer for you to act the way you did.”

Quinn glared at her. “And what makes you think you have the right to know what happened in my past?”

Rachel got up from the bed and stood in front of Quinn. She was short but when she was angry and determined, she could tower over you with just her stare. “I’m your girlfriend, Quinn Fabray. I have the right to know what is bothering you. I care about you.”

Quinn let out a bitter laugh. “And how long will you be my girlfriend, Rachel?”

“What?” Rachel took a step back confused at this turn of conversation.

“Come September, you’re going to be in New York and I’ll still be here in Bumfuck, Ohio. Are you still going to be my girlfriend then?” She stared down at her and felt a pang of guilt when she saw tears in those brown eyes.

“Why are you saying all this? I thought we talked about-”

“It doesn’t matter!” Quinn shouted and Rachel took another step back. “In the end, you’re going to leave me. Like everyone else in my life I ever cared about. They all leave.” Quinn turned around so Rachel couldn’t see her crying.


“Rachel,” she said it softly. “Will you please just leave?” Quinn didn’t turn around as she heard footsteps descend the stairs and the front door open and close. She let the tears fall freely when she heard Rachel’s car drive off.

Tags: !fic, crossover, fandom: glee, fandom: south of nowhere, fic: run from it or learn from it, multi-part, pairing: rachel/quinn, pairing: spencer/ashley
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