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Fic: Run From It Or Learn From It (Spencer/Ashley, Rachel/Quinn) Part 4

Title: Run From It Or Learn From It
Author: maria1229
Fandom: South of Nowhere/Glee
Pairing: Spencer/Ashley, Rachel/Quinn side Brittany/Santana, Glen/Kyla
Category: Crossover, Femmeslash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: Part 4: 2,017
Summary: Awkward reunions lead to awkward situations.
Notes: After months of saying I'll write a Spencer/Ashley and Rachel/Quinn crossover, I finally sat down and did it. Will be very short.
Disclaimer: South of Nowhere is a property of The-N and Viacom. I'm not a crack monkey therefore I do not work for the writers of South of Nowhere. I just borrow their characters for my own pleasure. Glee is a property of Ryan Murphy and Co. I own none of the characters you recognize.

Part Four

Quinn was throwing herself a pity party the second she asked Rachel to leave. She wanted to call her back and apologize profusely but instead, she was lying on her bed hitting her face with a pillow while telling herself that she was the stupidest person alive. For fifteen minutes she was doing that before her cell phone rang interrupting her ministrations.

She quickly picked it up hoping it was Rachel but frowned when the words “Evil Bitch” flashed on her screen.

Rolling her eyes, she tapped the answer key. “What do you want, Santana?” she said annoyed.

“Want to explain to me why your midget is currently sitting on my couch watching the Discovery Channel with Brittany?” she said back in the same tone.

Quinn sat up immediately. “Is she okay?”

“I don’t know and I really don’t care. All I know is if she rang the doorbell a few minutes ago, didn’t even wait for me to slam the door, and told Brittany they were having a special on the Animal Kingdom.” Quinn could tell that Santana was probably two seconds away from becoming homicidal.

“Well, kick her out?” Quinn suggested lamely.

Santana scoffed. “Are you serious? Brittany would be pissed if I did that. And plus, she’s not my problem, she’s yours.”

Quinn bit her lip. She knew where this was going. “Santana-”

“Listen, Fabray,” she said cutting her off. “You going to come over here, take the Kiebler Elf back to your place, tell her exactly what happened between you and Spencer, and then you’re going to find where Spencer is staying, I’m assuming with her cousin, and apologize to her. Got it?”

Leave it to Santana to get to the point. “Do you know?”

“No, you freak, how am I suppose to know when you don’t talk to anybody about those goddamn feelings you have. Finn could’ve figured out from how idiotic you acted at the restaurant. I expect you here in five minutes, I’m fucking horny.” And with that final statement, the line went dead.

Quinn groaned and hit herself again with the pillow.


Spencer wasn’t kidding when she said she wanted to take a nap. The minute they got back to Allison’s house, Spencer went to the guest room that she, Ashley, and Kyla were sharing and fell asleep.

Ashley cuddled with her for a few minutes but she couldn’t sleep. Her mind was still preoccupied with what Spencer had told her about Quinn. And she wasn’t taking it well despite her bravado earlier.

She leaned down and gently kissed Spencer’s forehead before leaving the room and closing the door quietly. She ran into Glen on her way downstairs but he just scowled and muttered something about hating lesbians before going down to the kitchen.

Ashley just shook her head in amusement. When they arrived at Allison’s parent’s house the previous day, Paula and Arthur decided the sleeping arrangements. Spencer, Ashley, and Kyla were to share the guest room while Glen took the bedroom in the attic.

Glen vehemently protested asking why Spencer and Ashley were allowed to share one of the full beds in the guest room and why he couldn’t share with Kyla on the other one.

“Because despite being better than you in everything, I can’t knock Spencer up,” Ashley told him.

Glen was furious and started going off about double standards before Kyla dragged him off somewhere.

Ashley greeted the Carlins in the living room where they were showing Kyla old family pictures.

“Oh my God, Ash, come here and see this picture of Glen when he was seven!” Kyla exclaimed.

“Is he naked?” Ashley asked warily earning a laugh from Allison.

“Oh God, no,” she said handing the photo album to Ashley.

Ashley let out a loud laugh when she saw the picture. Apparently Spencer and Glen were playing dress up because Glen was in a dress while Spencer was applying make up on him.

“Oh my God!”

Everyone started laughing as they passed the album around. “Yeah, I was babysitting them and just had to document it,” Allison explained. “Glen was not amused. He stormed out a few seconds ago.”

“Yeah, I saw him.” Ashley handed the album back to Allison and then turned to Kyla. “Hey, can I talk to you for a second?”


The two girls politely excused themselves from the little family reunion and stepped outside in the back porch.

“What’s up?” Kyla asked.

Ashley dramatically sighed. “I wasn’t Spencer’s first.”

Kyla arched her eyebrow confused. “Her first? I thought Spencer wasn’t a virgin before you two..”

“No, not that way,” Ashley said frustrated. “I wasn’t her first,” She paused trying to think of the right word. “Experience with a girl.”

Kyla opened her mouth to speak but then closed it again. She really didn’t know what to say to that. “What happened when you guys went out?”

“We ran into some of Spencer’s old friends. And there was this girl, Quinn. Seriously? What the hell kind of name is Quinn?” She kicked a rock off the porch in frustration.



She explained to Kyla everything that happened that afternoon and everything Spencer told her afterwards. When she was done, she was even more frustrated than before just thinking of how Quinn hurt Spencer. But what really got to Ashley was that she was more bothered about the fact that Spencer’s first real emotional experience with a girl was with someone else.

“Are you telling me you’re jealous?” Kyla asked incredulously.

“Of course I am!’ Ashley blurted. “I thought I was Spencer’s new first time, and now I find out that some dumb blonde hick was there first?”

Kyla resisted the urge to slap her sister. “Okay, first of all, you can’t call people dumb hicks around here. You’ll probably get killed. And second? Nothing happened between Spencer and Quinn!”

Ashley dropped her jaw. “Were you not listening to me?”

“Oh my God, Ashley, get over yourself. So, some other girl who wasn’t you kissed Spencer first. It was before she even knew who the hell you were. And considering your history, you have no right to be jealous.” Kyla crossed her arms across her chest.

“Why didn’t she tell me about it then?” Ashley stubbornly asked.

“Because it was a bad time for her? No one likes to dwell on things that ended badly. And plus, it had nothing to do with you. It was before you. Seriously, Ash, get over it. Be mad over the fact that someone hurt Spencer, okay, but don’t be mad over something as stupid as this.”

Ashley just pouted but contemplated Kyla’s words. She hated to admit that she was right but it still didn’t stop her for wanting to throttle Quinn.


Quinn finally dragged herself out of her house and made her way to Santana’s. She was about to ring the doorbell when the door opened and a frustrated Santana pulled her in roughly.

“Took you long enough. They just started talking about platypuses and Brittany got really excited.” She dragged Quinn in the living room and shoved her right behind the couch.

“Quinn!” Brittany exclaimed turning around. “Look at the platypuses,” she pointed to the television screen. “They’re the only mammals that lay eggs you know,” Brittany said seriously.

Quinn couldn’t help but smile. Her eyes found Rachel who hadn’t turn around at her arrival but was sitting stiffly still watching the television screen.

“Hey, Britt, mind if I talk to Rachel for a second?”

“Nope, go right ahead!” Brittany turned back around and returned her focus back to the platypuses.

“Brittany may not mind, but I do,” Rachel said angrily. “I’m currently watching a program right now.”

Santana finally had enough and grabbed Rachel’s arm and pulled her off the couch. “Alright, Smurf, that’s enough of the animal kingdom for you.”

“Santana! Let me go at once.” Rachel fought fruitlessly against Santana’s tight hold and then glared at Quinn who was standing behind the couch looking remorseful.

“Talk to your stupid ass girlfriend and get the hell out of my house.” Santana pushed Rachel towards Quinn.

Quinn glared at Santana before taking a step towards Rachel. “You okay?” she asked quietly.

Rachel just glared again and went back to the couch to hug Brittany goodbye. “I’m sorry we had to cut our television viewing time short, Brittany, but I will inform you if there are other specials on the Discovery Channel that would hold your interest.”

“Thanks, Rachel!” Brittany pulled her into a tight hug. “Oh and be nice to Quinn. I know she probably did something stupid like Santana tends to do but I’m pretty sure she’ll make it up to you. Santana always does!”

Both Santana and Quinn blushed.

Rachel just smiled before heading out to the door. Quinn followed her to her car, not really knowing what to do. She just watched as Rachel stood in front of the driver’s side of the car.

“I’m very angry with you,” she finally said.

“I know.” Quinn felt it safe to walk towards her.

“You really hurt my feelings earlier.”

“I know.” Another step and she was just right behind Rachel. Rachel turned around, an angry pout still planted on her face. She crossed her arms across her chest in attempt to look intimidating but just made Quinn want to kiss her. Pouting Rachel always looked cute no matter the situation.

“I thought we discussed our plans for college and then you threw everything back in my face as if I didn’t care about you,” Rachel continued. “I did not appreciate that at all.” Her mood went from angry to sad.

Quinn sighed and lifted her hands to rub Rachel’s arms. Rachel let her. “I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any of it, I was just.” She stopped. This was the part of the conversation she rehearsed a million times before driving to Santana’s house.

“Why won’t you tell me what happened between you and Spencer?” Rachel asked softly. Her arms were now at her sides as she relaxed from Quinn’s touch.

“You’ll hate me,” Quinn said lamely.

“Quinn, I’ve never hated anyone in my life and I’m never going to start. And even I did, I could never hate you.” She lifted her arms and wrapped them around Quinn’s neck. Quinn put her arms around Rachel’s waist and pulled her close. She loved being this close to Rachel especially when she felt Rachel bury her face against her neck.

“Are you going to tell me?”

Quinn sighed and pulled away from Rachel. “Yeah.”


“You have to apologize to her.”

Quinn raised her eyebrow. “That’s it? You’re not mad at me?”

Rachel shook her head. “Oh no, I’m very disappointed in the way you acted and especially since you said all those things to Spencer but I can’t hold what you did in the past against you.”

Quinn breathed a sigh of relief.

“Unless you don’t apologize right now. Otherwise, I will be very angry and will not speak to you until you do.” And with that, Rachel got into her car and started the engine.

“Wait, Rachel, you can’t just leave like this. We haven’t resolved anything!” Quinn tried to open the door but Rachel had already locked it. “Open the door, Rachel.” She tried her best to sound like the old Quinn but failed.

Rachel rolled down her window. “We will continue this discussion when you find Spencer and apologize. Until then, you are on girlfriend probation.” She rolled the window back up and started to pull out of Santana’s driveway.

“What?” Quinn said confused as she watched Rachel drive off. “Girlfriend probation? What the hell?”

“Get the hell out of my driveway, Fabray!” Santana yelled from her bedroom window.

Quinn just flipped her off before getting into her own car. She shook her head as the words “girlfriend probation” still rang in her head. “Only Rachel,” she mumbled to herself before pulling out of the driveway. She racked her brain trying to think if she could remember where Allison Carlin lived.
Tags: !fic, crossover, fandom: glee, fandom: south of nowhere, fic: run from it or learn from it, multi-part, pairing: rachel/quinn, pairing: spencer/ashley
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